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Hey! I played this a while ago! I dont think I could have beaten it without the life cheat, but ti was really loads of fun!

Really cool game. Just a bit too short.
The boss for the second piece was already way harder than the final boss! :-D

Hm, would be cool if you didn't have to do everything again after dying.
Keep dying to the woman there. And being forced to walk all the way there gets on my nerves :-/

Otherwise a cool game!

Hey! Since I started working on the full version of the game, I realised the mass multitide of problems the original had, so I'll soon be working on a little updated version to add a proper checkpoint system, alongside making combat and general gameplay feel a bit less like ass.

I'm glad you could still enjoy the game in its current form though! :)

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A fantastic Ludum Dare game that I happened to find a bug for and learn to cheat at and basically break. It's still a very fun little game that could serve as a basis for a great full-length game in the future.

Here's one of them there videos I did on it.

I really like your game, but how do you complete the boss room puzzle with the colors?

Sadly, I didn't have a lot of time to make it obvious because of the Ludum dare time limit, but you're supposed to slash to rotate the pillar on the left and stab the colours on it,that are reprosented on the rock on the right, in order. Once you do that, you go over to the rock to stab it. Hope this helps.

I should have read this before commenting on LD page. :P

Great game!