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Cronus is back at it again with his stinky taint, taking over the world during the quite dim Dark Ages. His taint expands, slowly destroying all life in its path. Will you take up arms for your kingdom? Or will you get too frustrated to finish the game because it’s pretty damn hard.

Cronus' Tomb 2 is a randomly generated action platformer in which you must explore dungeons for clues to complete a ritual banishing an evil taint spreading across the world.


Robin Field - Programming & Art   (@robinorwhatever)

Billy Hobson - Music & SFX (@TuneManBill)




- Launch Zombies into roof spikes.

- Get swallowed by taint.

- Fall off tricky jumps.

- Be disappointed by bad RNG.

- Stab a chest until it spews money.

- Complete  puzzle (singular)


Can use keyboard or controller.

[Z] / (B) -- Jump/Confirm

[X] / (A) -- Attack/Hold to Charge

[ARROW KEYS] / (L Stick) -- Move

[F] -- Toggle Fullscreen 

[ESC] -- Quit

Thanks so much for playing!

This game may be barely related to the original Cronus' Tomb, which can be found here: https://robinfield.itch.io/cronus-tomb

We'd love to hear from you if you managed to beat the game, so feel free to let us know!


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This game was so fun and i loved the little puzzle! If i had to complain about anything it would be that the compact rooms didnt let me dash jump like a madman. 

The game looks great.  Game is too hard. 

Some button above the "Z" and "X" key, possibly "D" or "R" made the screen go into some mode with blue arrows to center the screen?

The D button actually opens the dungeon editor.

In my rush to get the game uploaded for the Ludum Dare in time I forgot to remove my editors, you can even press the M button to open the map editor. :S

Sorry about the difficulty; I wanted to implement some kind of difficulty curve to the dungeons but, due to the time limit and inexperience with creating randomly-generated games, I didn't manage to ge that done in time. Something I'd definitely keep in mind incase I make a post-jam version.

Thanks for playing our game!

Ah, ok! 

It's ok. The time limit and inexperience is understandable, I'm sorry.

No problem!

so, i accidentally pressed M and got a mapcreator? xD

You think thats crazy? Try pressing D

I accidentally left my editors in the game  :S

Maybe I could allow people to make their own dungeons to share in a post jam version idk would that be fun?