A downloadable game for Windows

this sucks sry

first custom c++ engine : )

Doc. Noggin was supposed to be a game about shrinking down and jumping into patients' increasingly complex brains to repair them, this is no longer the case.
There is 1 brain and no explanation for it.

Levels very hastily constructed by:

  1. Entry Point - Robin
  2. Cortex - Robin
  3. Brainfreeze - Robin
  4. Chiller - Billy
  5. Chaser - Billy
  6. Reception - Billy
  7. Maze - Billy
  8. Mcguffin - Robin

Don't like these stinky levels? Press F2 and make your own because I forgot to remove the editor from the build.

Arrowkeys - move

Z - Attack

X - Plant Pill

( customisation missed out due to time, coming in postjam? )

Robin Field - Programming, Art

Billy Hobson - Programming, Audio


LD49 Doc. Noggin 6 MB

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