A downloadable game for Windows

Made within 72 hours for LD50 by Robin Field & Billy Hobson


This cold wasteland is under attack from aliens and you’re the last one in charge. There’s no chance of victory but you won’t go down without a fight.

  1. Choose a location to build your HQ.
  2. Fly your high-tech jet around the area taking down E.Ts and their UFOs.
  3. Rescue lost civillians for cold hard cash.
  4. Build railways between factories and the cities so they can grow and expand.
  5. Build anti-air guns and walls around cities and your HQ to keep the alien threat at bay.
  6. Once a city has a bank they will pay you a cut of their income, so build an airstrip nearby!
  7. Push back against the encroaching alien nests.
  8. Fight until you can fight no more.



Left click - Select and Place buildings

Middle mouse hold / Arrow keys - Drag the screen around the local area

Spacebar - Take off


Right mouse hold - Accelerate

Left mouse hold - Shoot

Middle mouse hold - Drop missile

Spacebar - Land

Pressing M at any point will also mute/unmute the music.

update: fixed out of bounds crashes for most enemies - probably gonna have to do more


HutHut LD50 5 MB


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Was this made using SDL?

sure was!

it's written in C++ using SDL2 and OpenAL for audio.

Cool!Do you use SDL alot? Also, do you know opengl by  chance?

thanks, i can't say i've used sdl a whole lot but i like using it.

i've used opengl a bit, but not for any games i've released yet.