Post Jam Update v1.0 :)

Here comes the first post jam update for Plagued Station II!


- Added a save feature to the respawn tubes when used, you can now continue your game 13 years after you started playing if you want.

NOTE:  Please let me know if there's any inconsistencies or problems with loading save files so I can fix them.

- Made it so weapons now show unique sprites in both equipped and item form.

- Slightly tweaked the spin jump physics.

You now have slight control over horizontal momentum. I would've liked to give you more control but even a small change gives you a huge boost of distance, which messed up the original level design bigtime.

- Fixed some room transition collision bugs.

- Slightly improved the end sequence.

- Cleaned up some hasty tile placement.

- Added the ability to speed up dialogue with start.

- Thought about tweaking bird attack speed but didn't.

If time allows it, I have an idea for an update expanding on the gameplay.

Thank you so much for playing!

I really appreciate any feedback.


Plagued Station II (V1.0) 78 MB
Sep 06, 2019

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