Post-LD Update V1.0

Post Jam Update V 1.0

This update should've been out good while sooner, since I just wanted to balance some things and not spend too long working on it, but I ended up running into some big pc troubles, so here we are.


-Inserted a whole bunch of line-of-sight checks to things that previously weren't there. This means that you can no longer get detected through walls when hacking ATMs and shooting.

-The bounty increase from killing bounty hunters has both been halved and now only increases when you're the one who kills them.

-Reduced the money you get from robbing Banks, increased the money you get from pretty much anything else.

-Made it so killed vendors respawn. Rob banks until the end of time.

- The wanted level pop-up now accurately represents your current wanted level.

- Restarting now skips the intro spash screens.

- Some other small improvements.


- Added Vending Machines. These are basically cheaper, more common ATMS.

- Added Moneybags, a new rare citizen spawn that has a big wad of cash if you kill him.

- Cars are now shootable.

- Added new gib effects to various things.

- Gave enemies a brief stagger frame when shot.

- Revised some areas of the map and added a bunch of secret little shortcuts.

- Added payphones. You can make a phonecall to remove your wanted level if no cops are around or just shoot them for money.

- Touced up some graphics here and there.

- Added a bed in your home that you can sleep away your wanted level with.

- Added two new locations, a Casino and a disgusting illegal Casino.

- Two new gambling minigames: Slot machines and Russian Roulette.

- Added a pause menu because people kept complaining that ESC aborted the game.

- Added a map menu. [TAB]

- Did some other stuff that I've now forgotten about.


If I find time for another update, then I'll probably be focusing on improving the combat.

This means replacing the gun upgrade menu with a shop to purchase a variety of different weapons and adding new enemy types.


I've also now packaged the source for the original Ludum Dare version, which can be downloaded and opened, if you have Game Maker Studio 2.

Thanks for playing!

Any feedback means a lot.


City 33 - Post LD V1.0 35 MB
May 23, 2019
Ludum Dare Version Source (GMS2) 3 MB
May 23, 2019

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